2021 Venduto Bolle Rosa

2021 Venduto Bolle Rosa

You may not know this, but Giovanni has an extensive team of market research monkeys, pounding pavement and keyboard to find out exactly what bananas the rest of you monkeys actually enjoy eating. This wine is the result. Eat up.

Juicy, clean, effervescent. Made from Aglianico and Malvasia Fina to just the right tone of blush. Fermentation finishes in bottle for the fizz. Drink it from a plastic cup on a nudist beach, pronto. Vai alle banane.

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ODDIO is our winery, sometimes-cellar door and event space in Bowden, 4km from the Adelaide CBD, shared with Frederick Stevenson and Delinquente Wine Co.

For opening times, follow @oddiobowden, email ciao@oddio.com.au or visit www.oddio.com.au

We make wines from freshly-picked Italian varietals in a church near the Adelaide CBD, South Australia. The wines contain fermented grape juice and the smallest amount of zolpho deemed appropriate for the vintage.

We represent ourselves nationally, so send us an email via ciao@gag.pizza for wholesale prices and stockists.